The Aluminum + Teak Dining Collection Is a New Reason to Dine Al Fresco

Sustainable DTC, AAPI-founded outdoor furniture brand Outer has dipped its toe into the outdoor dining space. They recently introduced the extendable Aluminum and Teak Dining Collection, a versatile dining table that seats up to 12 people. Paired with foldable teak framed director’s chairs, you have a stylishly comfortable outdoor living space that feels like an extension of your home.

Special attention was paid to what can be points of contention with outdoor furniture. The Aluminum Teak and Dining Collection is temperature controlled, made from heat-resistant materials, like aluminum, that won’t overheat or be hot to the touch. The teak slats also remain at an ambient temperature. It’s also mess-free. The brand used its OuterShell® for the table, which helps to protect from harsh outdoor environments. To repel water, resist mildew, endure sun, heat, and rain without fading, the director’s chairs are outfitted in all-weather Textilene fabric. And their foldable design is perfect for storage when not in use. The extendable table version seats up to 12, and leaves can be added or removed when needed to accommodate everyone.

outdoor patio with dining table and ten light grey dining chairs

To introduce the Aluminum Teak and Dining Collection, Outer teamed up with Netflix’s Queer Eye design guru and interior designer, Bobby Berk. “Outer’s range of products truly align with the idea of bringing and enjoying your life outdoors. I love the simple and classic materials in the collection, and the fact that the pieces are easy to incorporate into so many different outdoor spaces and styles. Plus, the products are durable and innovative. The OuterShell® is such a smart solution to cover and protect the furniture from the elements, as well as an ingenious way to transport the cushions,” Berk shared.

Choose a la carte from a set of two director’s dining chairs, an outdoor dining table, and an outdoor expandable dining table. You can also opt for a pre-made set: a dining table and six director’s chairs, an expandable dining table with eight director’s chairs, or an expandable dining table with 12 director’s chairs. Comfort, innovation, durability, and sustainability are all here – they’re just waiting for you.

styled outdoor dining table with wood and light grey armchair

outdoor patio with dining table and eight light grey dining chairs, a light-skinned man leans against the table

outdoor patio with dining table and light grey dining chairs

outdoor patio with dining table and light grey dining chairs, a light-skinned man places a cover over the table

detail of outdoor dining table tabletop with oranges, vase with flowers, and vessel

outdoor light grey armchair

detail of outdoor dining table tabletop with magazine and juice glass

styled outdoor dining table with six wood and light grey armchairs

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