Theoreme Editions Collection 02 Combines Vision + Skill

Theoreme Editions, an experimental design company created by David Giroire and Jérôme Bazzocchi, has released their second collection of objects and furniture. Theoreme Editions Collection 02 consists of ten objects, each a collaborations between the visions of contemporary French designers and the skills of European craftsmen. Each piece of the collection is numbered, with some being limited edition. When you bring together imagination and expertise, surface and object, furniture and sculpture, the results are bound to be exceptional.

dining table, two dining chairs, one stool, table sculpture, and lighting on butter yellow background

SCMP Design Office’s modern aluminum pendant lighting makes note of the American minimalism that was the result of the Bauhaus’ influence.

dining table, chair, stools, table sculpture, and lighting

Adrien Messié’s Villers table uses a combination of contrasting materials and textures. The top, white lacquered wood, and the matte green ceramic base are a practice in opposites.

dining table, and table sculpture

The chain-links vase, designed by Service Généraux, is 3D-printed matte ceramic. Featuring a bold, black form, the smallest of the collection’s pieces holds its weight against the others.

dining table, two dining chairs, two stools, table sculpture, and lighting on butter yellow background

Exercice Studio’s aluminum chair and Victoria Wilmotte’s folded console, made with Atelier François Pouenat, pull from a time of industrial machines, mass production, and technical reproduction.

side table, chair, sculpture, dining table, shelves, and light fixture on butter yellow background

tall mirror, dark green chair, glass topped coffee table, shelving, and lighting on butter yellow background

Modern surrealism and fluidity can be seen in Achilles. Designed by the POOL duo, the armchair in tweed flows gently over a lacquered metal cube.

Meanwhile, the coffee table from Hall House features a glass top floating on knotted wooden ropes. It almost recalls Pier Paolo Pasolini’s masterpiece, Théorème, from which the design company takes its name.

white sculpture and shelving on butter yellow background

This large lacquered fiberglass vase was created using 3D scanning and secular sculpting techniques. You can see how designer Matteo Garcia evokes Yves Tanguy and the surrealists in its shape.

tall mirror, dark green chair, glass topped coffee table, and lighting on butter yellow background

Wendy Andreu’s free-standing mirror is a monolith of aluminum, creating playful reflections thanks to slats of mirror and one-way glass.

white sculpture, shelving, and lighting on butter yellow background

To learn more about Theoreme Editions 02, visit

Photos by Valentin Fougeray.

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