Creative gallery to sell new designs for charity

The design of these hand-blown glass vases is inspired by the charities that they will benefit.

NEW YORK – Cooperative gallery, design studio and strategy firm Colony has unveiled a new concept which includes a series of one-of-a-kind designs to be sold for charity.

The inaugural collection, called Phila|Terra, is a limited run of hand-blown glass vases designed by Colony founder Jean Lin and fabricated by glass artist Deborah Czeresko, with proceeds donated to The Environmental Defense Fund and the Rainforest Foundation U.S.

Phila|Terra marks the first edition of a series of future releases, each unique in form and color palette, inspired by the charitable causes they will benefit.

The design of the vase allows for both a functional and artful collaboration between designer and fabricator. Lin provided Czeresko a set of parameters to work within – size, shape and color – rather than exact specifications to follow. The resulting work maximizes production efficiency and minimizes material waste which ultimately allows for a vastly textured collection at an approachable price point. 

“My hope is that the new Phila series will invite a broader audience to engage with design and charitable giving with Colony,” said Lin. “These vases are singularly beautiful, yet visually transformative as a group. Similarly, we as individuals are small, unique and fragile, but when we come together in the spirit of community and the greater good, we can change a landscape.”

Lin founded Colony in 2014 with the singular aim of celebrating independent design and supporting the community that creates it. The designers’ co-op is a community of independent furniture, lighting, textiles and objects designers coming together on a New York City stage to celebrate American design with an international audience.

The new limited-edition collection of 100 vases is available for purchase now on

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