Houzz Pro updates timeline tools

Houzz Pro’s new Timeline Tool features help ensure design pros have the right equipment, materials and personnel on site.

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Houzz, an online home design platform has introduced new features for the its timeline tool in Houzz Pro, the business management and marketing software for design professionals.

The tool enables pros to quickly map out a project schedule, track progress and visually communicate their plan to everyone involved. Using Gantt charts, pros can organize their project and ensure they have the right equipment, materials and personnel on-site.

“The Houzz Pro Timeline tool makes it easy to organize, track and communicate all elements of a design project,” said Alon Cohen, Houzz co-founder and president. “Scheduling is one of the biggest challenges for our pro customers, and they need a dynamic way to make schedule changes and quickly and easily inform all project stakeholders, from staff members to trade contractors to clients. The new dependency and assignable activity features make it easier for teams to stay on top of how changes affect the entire project schedule.” 

Now, pros can add activities and related sub-activities for each stage of a project to their timeline. The new dependency feature enables pros to indicate when the start of one item relies on the completion of another, so that moving one activity on the schedule will also move the dependent activities.

Timeline activities can also be assigned to different team members, who are notified immediately. The timeline can be shared with the project team, including staff, trade contractors and clients, keeping everyone informed of due dates and schedule changes

Assigned timeline items can be accessed from the Houzz Pro Task Manager, which tracks progress across multiple projects. Team members can see all their assigned timeline items and tasks in one place.

Houzz Pro is available in more than 10 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and is available on iOS and Android devices.

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