A Lovely Life Music Playlist

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A Lovely Life Music Playlist

Today is launch day for my new book A Lovely Life. To celebrate, I’m sharing my lovely life music playlist as a gift for you! As A Lovely Life book is released into the world, I am praying it will find its way to hands and homes where it can be an encouragement. Thank you for your support along this book writing journey and for sharing A Lovely Life with your community!

If you have not yet ordered A Lovely Life, you can now order it wherever books are sold or HERE on Amazon and receive it this week!

A Lovely Life book offers gentle encouragement and simple ideas to nurture your home and soul as you create a sense of sanctuary in every season.

Life will always have ups and downs, twists and turns, happy moments and difficult days, sunshine and rain. In some seasons there is a lot more rain than sunshine and hearts can be heavy.

But hopefully, through it all, we can find a bit of beauty and joy shining through, even if we have to take the scenic route to find it!

As “home makers” (which we are, whether we work outside the home or not) we have the opportunity to set our intentions for the atmosphere in our home and create a soul-filling rhythm for every season.

And on that note, here is my ‘A Lovely Life music playlist as a gift to you on launch day! I have been playing it on repeat. I hope you’ll find some songs in it that will help uplift the mood of your home and brighten your day. Enjoy this playlist, or find some of your favorites to create your own lovely life playlist! It’s the little things that make every day more lovely.

A Lovely Life Music Playlist

Click HERE if you are not able to see the playlist embedded above!

Would you share your Lovely Life with us on social media? I’d be so honored to see the book on your coffee table or bookshelf, and moments of your lovely life, too! Tag me @theinspiredroom and use the hashtag #lovelylifebook so I can see!

A Lovely Life Music Playlist

A Lovely Life Music Playlist

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