9 Elevated Dog Beds Your Furry Friend Will Love

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Every dog parent has been there at one point or another: You enter your front door after a long day only to find a smiling pooch excited to see you… and behind them a dog bed that’s been ripped to shreds. It’s no secret that traditional dog beds are pretty easy to destroy, but there’s one type that outperforms every other one on the market: the elevated dog bed. The benefits of these dog beds are numerous: They are easy to clean, are great for both indoor and outdoor use, provide some of the best joint support, and keep you pooch cool on even the hottest summer day. They’re a pet bed option you can be sure you and your pup will feel good about. That’s why we went ahead and rounded up nine of the best elevated dog beds around, including stylish picks, chew-proof picks, and even one that made our Best List! Here’s to happy puppers and pet parents who can rest easier knowing their pet bed isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

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