Red wine and leather can peacefully coexist

Kym Bauguess, vice president hospitality, and Kelly Hartford, marketing and sales, compare Purely Protected aniline leather to natural aniline.

HIGH POINT — Carroll Leather recently gave a seminar about its Purely Protected leather during the recent Interwoven, the textile tradeshow in the heart of High Point.

The global supplier of fine leather in the residential and hospitality industries gave Purely Protected its first big launch in 2019 for homes, hotels, offices and restaurants looking for quality aniline leather that is resistant to scratching, fading, staining and color variation.

The collection takes on the aesthetics of aniline, wax or oil leathers, with durability similar to protected or pigmented leathers. Each hide is aniline dyed and then receives Purely Protected treatment resulting in a silky feel and subtle matte finish.

Carroll Leather purely protected

The left shows natural aniline leather after a red wine spill with the right showing Purely Protected leather.

During the seminar, Kelly Hartford, marketing and sales, and Kym Bauguess, vice president hospitality sales, passed around samples of Purely Protected leather, comparing it with natural aniline. They also showcased how stains are handled with Purely Protected vs. aniline by pouring red wine on both leathers and allowing the audience to watch the cleanup process.

Bauguess addressed that Purely Protected does not use red list chemicals or VOC emissions and is done at the highest level of sustainability currently available.

“Purely Protected really reflects on the aniline category. Aniline needed to be addressed because no one in the industry was addressing it, no one had anything on the market that was an alternative to aniline that looked like aniline,” said Bauguess. “We kept going round and round on what we wanted this to mean and be called, so we picked up ‘pure’ as in this is a pure aniline, and we wanted to take a pure aniline and make it ‘protected’.”

Highlights in the Purely Protected collection include:

  • Cheyenne was inspired by the constant need for a wax/crackle leather that won’t easily scratch. Featuring the Purely Protected technology, which provides a vintage look, Cheyenne also has protective treatment suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Childs Play boasts a matte finishing with a two-tone effect and offers protection against scratching and standard wear while maintaining its genuine aniline feel. Childs Play can be used in high-end hospitality or in high traffic residential settings.

Carroll Leather Road Warrior

  • Ever-Last features natural looking leathers that protect against fading, scratching and sun damage. It has a wax/crackle effect and is an ideal option for high traffic applications where color consistency and texture are necessary.
  • Road Warrior is designed to give the look of wax tipped leather without color variation or staining. The tipping process adds brightness to the surface and contrasts to the leather.
  • Run Wyld is inspired by the look of dusty cowboy boot leather, giving a distressed look and softness with the same protection of a protected leather. Hand sanded by leather craftsmen to give a random two-tone effect, Run Wyld withstands heavy use.

Carroll Leather has in-stock and quick ship product for everyday standard clients ordering 2,500 to 5,000 feet.

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