Lemieux Et Cie offers new sustainable outdoor collection

NEW YORK – Design house Lemieux Et Cie has unveiled its newest assortment of digitally printed outdoor pillows and sustainably produced rugs.

The pieces come from a tour of the Lemieux Et Cie archive, “Where artists drew inspiration from sketches and hand-painted artwork from around the world,” according to company founder Christiane Lemieux.

The pillow collections include:

  • Indigo – Deep blue dyes and historical patterns inform this eclectic mix.
  • Rose Madder – Dusty warm rose tones take inspiration from nature and fashion.
  • Aquamarine – These cool pool hues are designed to complement and enhance all outdoor environments.
  • Raw Umber – Using a selection of woody hues, this collection draws a tone that is pulled from natural elements.
  • Viridian – This carefully collected green grouping contains natural, animal and artistic motifs.
  • Zink & Lamp – Black and white patterns include a mix of geometrics, art-inspired and botanical prints.

The assortment also includes the following indoor/outdoor rugs:

  • Bourges Rug – This rug has motifs taken from textile fragments and traditional weaving and is made with flatwoven polyester and recycled plastic.
  • Trezel – This flowing rug has a harmonious serpentine design that is part architecture and part coiled snake and is made with flatwoven polyester and recycled plastic.
  • Sakya – This rug is inspired by traditional Tibetan tiger images with a modern feel and the use of soft browns to coordinate with natural elements.
  • Belettes – With a design that’s reminiscent of framed and blocked traditional rugs, this rug layers well with the Raw Umber pillow collection.
  • Lille – This rug is a complement to the Indigo pillow collection and draws from handwoven traditional textiles with a deep blue feel.
  • Potala – This rug takes a cue from the Fulani format of traditional carpets and tapestries with colors that are designed to coordinate with both the Rose Madder and the Zink & Lamp pillow collections.

Pricing for the pillows is either $55 or $65 while pricing for the rugs runs from $68 to $998.

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