Holly Hunt adds nearly 20 new wallpaper patterns this summer

Composed of a watercolor pattern with a textural overlay, the new Palladio design is inspired by the shibori Japanese technique which uses water and ink to create the look of shadows, soft shapes and motifs.

CHICAGO – Luxury furnishings brand Holly Hunt has added several new designs to its wallcovering portfolio this summer. The launch consists of 18 new styles in various colorways, now available in the U.S. and internationally.

Ranging from performance vinyls to hand-applied metal leaf, the collection includes familiar motifs and textural patterns, and adds a modern edge to walls and ceilings.

The new wallcoverings include:


A nod to Pondicherry, a city in India renowned for its vibrant rugs and fabrics, Ponti is a tight pattern of multicolor horizontal stripes that resembles woven textiles that are produced in a range of exuberant color options inspired by nature.


As if stepping into a forest of towering bamboo trees, Palladio has a quiet beauty. Composed of a watercolor pattern with a textural overlay, the design is inspired by the Japanese shibori technique which uses water and ink to create the look of shadows, soft shapes and motifs.


A structured composition of diamond motifs that emerge and recede, Donato adds a mesmerizing modern edge. The graphic pattern is layered with hints of metallic that have both tonal and contrasting colors.


Simple, easy on the eyes and resembling an intricate paper weave, Rossi creates a classic and sophisticated textural look on walls. With natural hues ranging from taupes and beiges to vibrant greens and blues, Rossi can serve as a cohesive backdrop for furnishings in a mix of styles.


Resembling raffia, this wallcovering stands out with bold striated color and texture. The natural tones give Renzo a relaxed and refined appeal, resulting in an exceptionally nuanced pattern that’s equally suited for both transitional and formal spaces.


Alberti presents an organic straw look that is endlessly captivating. Intricate and textural, yet soothing and light on the eyes, the design is a striking contemporary take on the classic straw motif—and it’s available in a range of tonal colors ideal for any modern setting.

Second Glance

A wallcovering resembling silk, Second Glance is not to be overlooked with its refined textural appearance. Combined with a soothing color palette, the soft, subtly striated pattern is an ideal light and luxe backdrop for modern and contemporary spaces. The wallcovering is a Type II vinyl with unique advanced antimicrobial protection.

Field of Dreams

With its warm textural appearance reminiscent of grasscloth, Field of Dreams adds a familial comfort to walls in classic or contemporary settings. The subtle and tightly rendered horizontal and vertical lines culminate in a sumptuous pattern that is instantly grounding as well as deeply inviting.


Plaza is a hand-applied metal leaf design that brings both glamour and charm to walls and ceilings. Its shimmering, dappled texture and varying tones are reminiscent of an antique mirror. The surface is protected with an oil-based coating to guard against tarnishing and oxidation.


Made of hand-applied metal leaf, Setai features interlocking rectangular blocks that bring a luxurious luster to walls and ceilings. The pattern’s gorgeous rippled wisps and structured lines create a contrast of rich materials that will elevate spaces.


Serene and subtly patterned, Langham is made up of hand-applied metal leaf squares that create a wide grid pattern. Rendered in soft tonal hues that change with the light, it makes for a beautifully hushed backdrop that beckons the eye, and pairs effortlessly with a range of furnishings and accents.


Waldorf features sleek tonal variations, imperfect edges and delicate textures. It is made entirely of hand-applied metal leafing, which provides each square with a unique appearance in color and detailing. It’s the perfect contrast for any contemporary and modern interior setting.


Viceroy evokes a sense of timeless elegance. Its composition of hand-applied metal leafing creates a gradient grid-like pattern that is structured and soft, robust and refined, lavish and light. It’s a wallcovering that’s sure to give rooms dramatic atmosphere.


An organic abstract wallcovering, Elysian demonstrates classic hand-applied metal leafwork, rendered with a modern touch. The seemingly freehand textural pattern brings fluid movement to walls, providing for a bright yet versatile backdrop for furnishings in a range of styles.


Ritz is a hand-applied metal leaf wallcovering that calls to a mind a luminous antique mirror. The tonal variations and subtle movement make it a serene addition for walls and ceilings in any interior.

Many of the wallcoverings are made of performance vinyl which is designed or easy cleaning and wide residential application.

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