The Elements Collection Transforms the Standard Lighting Archetype

Atelier Areti pared lighting down to its main three components: an illuminating element, the base, and the stem/arm. They released the Elements Collection during Milan Design Week, forming part of the exhibition ‘inside looking out’ by H+O. The simple exercise they assigned to themselves was to take one of the three main elements and transform the standard archetype.

Atelier Areti was looking to focus on something new within the familiar lighting form, a basic concept that’s interpreted in a fresh, unique way. By zeroing in on a single element – and retaining the three major ones overall – they were able to control proportion, detail, and fabrication. Color also played a clarifying role to further express each composition. In fact, Elements marks the first time Atelier Areti has used color across an entire collection. Overall it’s composed of ten lighting families that are ready to make their mark on a space.

styled space with light blue and rust walls, floor lamp, pendant, wall sconce, and table lamp with two white plinths

styled space with rust walls, floor lamp, and wall sconce

styled space with white and light blue walls, floor lamp, table lamp on white plinth

styled space with cream walls, floor lamp, and table lamp on desk

styled space with light blue and white walls, floor lamp, and table lamp on occasional table

styled interior space with bench, rug, and wall art

styled interior space with desk, floor lamp, and wall art

styled interior space with curved sofa, coffee tables, and chair

styled interior space with console table, wall art, and floor lamp

styled interior space with fireplace, slim bookcase, chair, and floor lamp

styled interior space with slim bookcase, television, armchair, and accent table

styled interior space with chair and hanging wall shelves

looking down a hallway through several open doorways with two floor lamps

arched doorway and perforated white privacy screen

styled interior space with minimal bed

styled interior space with sofa and floor lamp shining colored light on the wall

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