The Air Collection: A Playful, Sustainable Family of Outdoor Furniture

One of the more playful outdoor furniture collections we’ve come across this Summer is Landscape FormsAir Collection. The brand worked with long-time design partner Escofet to bring the concept of “lightness” to life through a playful, colorful appearance and aesthetic. The family of lightweight seats and benches are made using recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a material that’s hard, rigid, resilient, and resistant to weathering.

At first look you might think that these bold outdoor pieces are heavy and cumbersome, but you’d be wrong. The Air Collection uses rotomolded HDPE with hollow interiors for light, durable, and versatile furniture that’s ideal for outdoor spaces as well as indoors. “The Air Collection allows us to bring a new energy to these spaces in a really modern, pop-of-color way, but vibrant color is just one aspect of this new energy,” said Landscape Forms President of Site Furnishings & Structure, Robb Smalldon. “These are forms that you’d normally use heavy, robust concrete to create, but because we’re utilizing this hollow HDPE construction, designers can now specify these bold showpieces for a whole new range of spaces and use cases.”

three colorful abstract outdoor pieces of furniture with person sitting on one

Extasi Air

The bright, playful collection contains five different forms that are distinct from one another yet also work well together: Extasi Air, Fortunato Air, Starfish Air, Stul Air, and Twig Air. The piece with the cleanest lines is likely Extasi Air, a low backless bench with a rounded triangular form. Fortunato Air is the way to go if you’re looking to create different seating modules. It includes a rounded cube, rectangle, and back modules. A biomorphic, asymmetrical look is what Starfish Air offers. Stul Air is multifunctional, working as a stool, side table, or complement to the other pieces in the collection. Twig Air is a branching bench system that’s modular and encourages connection.

three colorful abstract outdoor pieces of furniture

Extasi Air

“The Air Collection represents a bold new design spirit for Landscape Forms – a bright and playful aesthetic that encourages people to consider our work in settings they may not have previously considered,” says Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer, Kirt Martin. “It’s also another great example of how we’re actively exploring new materials, processes and aesthetic concepts that further our commitment to sustainability.”

white abstract outdoor piece of furniture

Extasi Air

white outdoor chair and bench

Fortunato Air 95″ Backless + 30″ Backed

Stul Air

two colorful abstract outdoor pieces of furniture

Twig Air

green and blue abstract outdoor pieces of furniture

Twig Air

illuminated abstract white outdoor bench

Twig Air

illuminated abstract white outdoor bench with people seated on it

Twig Air

view of green space with illuminated abstract white outdoor benches

Twig Air

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