The Sui Desk Chair Offers Autonomy Over Your Personal Space in Public Places

We all struggle maintaining productivity throughout the day as our focus ebbs and flows. Those of us who work from home will migrate our workstation to different settings – the dining table, the work desk, the sofa – while those of us in the office might switch from sitting to standing or look for break-out spaces for a change of scenery. The challenge becomes more prevalent for those who are away from their usual workspace, perhaps a hotel, library, or other public areas where personal space can be tricky. Enter: the Sui Desk Chair, created by design studio Raw-Edges for +Halle. The peculiar armchair invites you into its open yet private sphere, providing 360 degrees of autonomy for you to create your own flow for on-the-go productivity.

swivel arm chair

man in swivel arm chair working

man in swivel arm chair reading

“Our third Annual Briefing on the theme of Producing proposed a series of interesting relationships: between productivity and wellbeing, productivity and distraction and between shifts of production throughout the day. It is in weaving these multiple behaviors that Sui comes to represent a new take on individual space, a chair where you are encouraged to switch pace intellectually,” says Martin Halle, creative director at +Halle.

armchair rendering

swivel armchair

swivel arm chair in office setting

The Sui chair has a generous surface to lay out your belongings. The swift swivel seat allows you to use the full perimeter so that you can move around based on your state of productivity. The armchair is designed specifically to create a personal space in public places, providing comfort and flexibility whether you’re eating, drinking, reading, writing, working, or just people-watching.

blue swivel arm chair upclose

blue swivel arm chair upclose

blue swivel arm chair upclose

Yael Mer of Raw-Spaces shares, “It is the contrast between a bulky frame and the light movement, that gives you the freedom to explore and find your personal position,” Mer reflects. Halle concludes: “Sui is about individuality, constantly answering to recreational and productive behaviors in a way that makes you feel like you are gazing into the future.”

green swivel arm chair upclose

multiple swivel armchairs

multiple swivel armchairs

multiple swivel armchairs

red swivel armchair detail

blue swivel armchair detail

multiple swivel armchairs in black

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