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It’s been a roller coaster ride for home furnishings retailers this year. Home Accents Today will host a Retail Stars panel discussion at Atlanta Market this week exploring how independent home décor retailers manage customer expectations, recruit and retain motivated employees, shop the markets as consumer demand shifts, and generally thrive in an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

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Panelists include Connie LeFevre, owner of Design House in Houston, which was founded in 2002 and operates two stores; Susan Mason, owner of Bend the Trend in the resort community of Greensboro, Ga., which last year doubled its space; and Jamie Merida, owner of Bountiful Home in Easton, Md., which originally opened in 2000 as a furniture and décor store but later launched a full-service interior design studio and has five full-time designers on staff. The panel will be moderated by HAT Editor-in-Chief Allison Zisko.

The discussion will take place Wednesday, July 13 from 10 -11 a.m. in Building 1, Floor 14, 14-D-9 seminar space.

Editor-in-Chief Allison Zisko first joined HFN in 1998 and spent many years covering the tabletop category before widening her scope to all home furnishings. In her current role, she oversees all aspects of HFN, including its print and digital products, and represents the brand at home and abroad through presentations, panel discussions and HFN’s podcast, The Inside Scoop.

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