This family-owned company expects darker woods and bright pops of colors to trend

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Furniture Today talked with Sara Samieian, co-CEO at Moe’s Home Collection based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

FT: What made you want to be a part of the company and what is your current role?

Sara: Today, I am responsible for overseeing the entire company alongside my brother, Moe Samieian Jr., as co-CEO. As a second-generation owner, I also drive Moe’s retail and marketing divisions while playing an integral part in product design.

Our father founded the company, and we have been involved in it for 20 years. From the age of 12, I used to hang out at tradeshows and eventually took on the inner workings my parents had built from the ground up. Overall, it was a natural progression.

FT: Where are Moe’s Home Collection products manufactured and what is your current ship time? 

Sara: All over the world, from Asia to Europe to South America. Mainly Vietnam and India. We currently have good inventory positions on the majority of our items, so shipping time is immediate.

FT: What are three things that have made your company successful in a competitive market?

Sara: Our people, our product, our inventory availability.

FT: What are you showing at Summer Markets that retailers can’t miss?

Sara: We are launching more than 200 new products at Las Vegas Market. From furniture to artwork and expanded collections, so there is lots to see!

FT: What trends are you bringing into the line over the next 12 months? Are there consumer preferences that are influencing your product development?

Sara: We are releasing our 2023 product trends and design directions in September. But just as a sneak preview, we are seeing darker woods; cozier, plush fabrics; and brighter pops of colors.

Five fun facts about Sara Samieian:

  • What is your favorite family activity? Golf.
  • What is the most exciting trend you’ve embraced? The cozier & nubblier fabrics like loosely woven boucle upholstery & plush velvets.
  • What is your must-have in your own home? A comfy sofa.
  • Moe’s Home Collection’s Astra chair

    Describe your favorite chair. Our Asta chair. It’s set at a luxuriously laid back angle on a solid walnut base, featuring a spacious, quality-padded seat and comes in either a sand-inspired upholstery or soft 100% top-grain leather. We are also releasing the matching footrest-ottoman to this collection as well. It’s the perfect chair for any reading nook or lounge area.

  • You can eat one food every day with no health impact. What is it? Sushi!

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