These Modern Clocks Are Inspired by Jewelry + Furniture Design

In the age of smart phones, some might argue that wall clocks have (sadly) lost a bit of their luster. But what if we considered clocks as more than purely mechanisms for telling time – what if clocks were as central to home decor, as say, furniture to a room or a necklace to an outfit? Then you’d get a Nomon clock. Space Lighting’s Nomon clock brand is giving indoor wall clocks a well-deserved rebrand. “It is our goal to give the clock back its prestige and distinction as a decorative element,” says Nomon founder and designer José Maria Reina. The product of their passion for jewelry and furniture design, Nomon clocks have a modern and timeless (no pun intended) elegance that complement any room. And they’ve officially launched in the Design Milk Shop.

micro barcelona

brisa wall clock

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Inspired by a culmination of Barcelona’s modernist design landscape and Reina’s own experiences with furniture and jewelry design, Nomon clocks feature sleek silhouettes characterized by unique, abstract shapes and minimalist faces with clock hands suspended on metal axes – calling to mind luxurious mid-century modern mobiles, architectural sculptures, and the shapes and styles of high-end jewelry. Spend a moment examining a Nomon clock’s fine, intricate details like the fiberglass rings and asymmetrical clock hands on the Pico Wall Clock, the beaded hour markers set atop the blossoming wooden surface of the Ciclo Wall Clock, or the slim brass stem on the Mini Barcelona Clock, and you’ll discover that every piece offers a delicate, fashion-forward look that still asserts itself as a key fixture on your walls.

nomon pico wall clock

Nomon’s Pico Wall Clock ($150) takes on a hyper minimalist design that leans into Nomon’s jewelry roots – with a sleek, fiberglass ring and clock hands placed just off-kilter for a modern and asymmetrical look that gorgeously complements your space.

ciclo wall clock on blue wall

Designed by Andrés Martínez, Nomon’s Ciclo Wall Clock ($645) is made of thin ribbons of wood, gently curved into shape and layered to create a blossoming effect. The sculptural wall clock combines the warmth of wood grains with contemporary curves to bring smooth, natural textures to any space.

puntero table clock

For a modern statement on your tabletop, check out Nomon’s table clocks. The Mini Puntero Table Clock ($320) boasts a unique, leaning design held up by the coolest little kickstand you ever saw. The Atomo Table Clock ($210) is another petite and stylish standout.

Every Nomon clock is expertly crafted in the brand’s Spanish workshop, using a mixture of cutting-edge techniques and artisanal, handmade processes to ensure a lasting result that’s nothing short of perfection. Warm, tactile materials like walnut and oak are accented by modern metallics like polished brass and graphite steel, striking the perfect balance between hard and soft, and warm and cool textures – creating a timepiece that is infinitely more than a means to tell the time. Nomon clocks are works of art you get to live with.

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