See how Moe’s Home Collection commits to transforming B2B transactions

Moe’s Home Collection launches its first B2B specific website.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Moe’s Home Collection, a full-line wholesaler and retailer of home furnishings, just launched a new user-focused wholesale website featuring an improved customer journey experience at

The B2B site, which was developed under the guidance of Robert Pearson, leading as the company’s first chief digital officer role, elevates and transforms how customers interact with the brand, according to the company.

“We are very excited to launch this integral piece of the Moe’s Home Collection experience. With intuitive functionality, comprehensive utility and advanced performance, this latest offering is a culmination of customer insight, industry foresight and critical attention to detail,” said Sara Samieian, co-CEO of Moe’s.

For its wholesale customers, the site achieves a new level of simplicity by utilizing best-in-class technologies and aesthetics to bring use, discovery, purchasing power and order management systems into one web-based platform, according to the company.

Customers now have the opportunity to pre-order new products in advance of their arrival, facilitating more efficient forecasting and planning with complete visibility into where inventory is located and what inventory is inbound. In addition, the site offers a breakout of shipments and a “smart shipment cart” based on availability and fulfillment location that happens for the customers at checkout.

“In today’s challenging supply chain environment, it is important that we present a seamless digital experience for our customers that supports our brand and meets all their needs,” said Pearson. “It is critical that we deliver and execute with all the exciting opportunities that there are now in the digital space.”

According to Moe’s, a user-friendly customer account (“My Account”) dashboard allows users to view all historical invoicing, orders, credit memos and claims regardless of where they placed their order. Whether an order is placed with a sales representative, web store, tradeshow, or otherwise, everything is viewable online.

For faster resolution and turnaround times, a smart claim submission process allows customers to create a claim from any invoice. The account management interface allows the user to view outstanding orders as well as managing who has access to purchase. When ready, the site makes purchasing easy with checkout completed based on account information.

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