The Chromalis Series Is Inspired by Gardening, Art, and Physics

Bradley L Bowers is the latest creative to join Wolf-Gordon’s designer-created Curated Collection with his new wallcovering and three textile patterns. Bowers, known for his sense of color and explorative forms, took inspiration from his personal interests – gardening, art, and physics – and translated them into an exploration of color, shape, and moment using a digital modeling software. The new patterns in the Chromalis series create a visual effect similar to optical illusions, invoking new perspectives within a given space.

Aurora Borealis inspired wallcovering

Borealis is named after the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. The gradient pattern of the wallcovering mirrors the light show seen in nature with its color variations and vertical strokes.

Aurora Borealis inspired wallcovering

Aurora Borealis inspired wallcovering

graffiti inspired sofa

Graffito is an upholstery textile that combines the art of impressionism and street art together with brushstroke layers and spray paint.

graffiti inspired sofa

Phantom is inspired by moiré effects, the visual perspective when you see two different sets of lines or dots superimposed on one another. In this case, Bowers used programmed algorithms to generate intersecting line work to achieve the visual effect on this upholstery textile.

upholstered arm chairs

blue and magenta upholstered sofa

Lastly, Fauna was created in a way similar to taking an aerial photo of a landscape. Bowers manipulated a piece of paper or a mount of clay and mapped a pattern through changes to perspective and geometry.

blue floral print chair in front of colorful gradient wall

Bradley Bowers

Bradley L Bowers

For more information on Bradley L Bowers’ Chromalis collection, visit

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