Two big box retailers crack Top 10 of Gen Z adults’ favorite brands

New York – Better than Apple. Better than Pixar. Better than Pringles. In all, 4 mass retailers rank among Gen Z adults’ top 20 brands.

Morning Consult asked adults aged 18 to 25 – the oldest cohort among Gen Z – to share their impressions of a host of brands. Gen Z’s 20 favorite brands were, predictably, heavily tiled toward tech companies and food brands. But there’s some good news for mass retailers in the results.

Gen Z adults' top 20 brand rankings Morning ConsultDollar Tree came in at #14 with more than 77% of Gen Z adults have a favorable impression of the hard discount retailer. It ranked higher than Apple (#20), Skittles (#19) and Pixar (#18).

Walmart (#6) edged out Target (#7) in the Top 10. Both retail brands were deemed superior to Doritos (#8), KitKat (#9) and Oreos (#10).

Amazon was the most popular retailer among Gen Z in the survey, landing at #4. It was bested only by Netflix (#3), Google (#2) and YouTube (#1).

While Amazon, Walmart and Target also ranked favorably among the all age groups,  , each received slightly higher favorability ratings from Gen Z – hovering around 80% favorability. That was no easy feat, according to Morning Consult.

“Gen Z is harder to please by default,” the report said. “Across all of the brands tracked in Brand Intelligence in the United States, Gen Z’s average favorability rating is just 27%, compared with 33% for all adults and 36% for Millennials.”

Gen Z also demonstrates particularly high unfavorability ratings across the brands surveyed; on average, 10% of Gen Z adults have an unfavorable impression of a given brand, compared with 8% for all adults and 9% for millennials.

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