Floyd’s The Dresser Is for Minimalists + Color Lovers Alike

Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s just how Floyd came to be. Founded in 2013 with one product – a table leg – to avoid a trip to Ikea and furniture disposal. The brand has gone on to design furniture for similar reasons. The Floyd Bed Frame to get co-founders Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell’s mattress off of the ground and the Floyd Sofa hacked from the Floyd Legs was another solution. The brand’s latest release is The Dresser, a modular, customizable complement to the Floyd Bed that increases the brand’s bedroom offerings. Expand the piece over time, and have the ability to move it easily within your home or to a new one.

long and low dark wood dresser in styled interior space

The Dresser’s design was inspired by the architecture of Mies van der Rohe’s Lafayette Park, that’s not so coincidentally located near Floyd’s Detroit R&D Labs. Clean lines and repeating geometry make for a solid piece of furniture that’s built to last. The Dresser’s personalization options are available for both the minimalist and the color lover, with Walnut, Maple, Blue, Yellow, and Beige available to mix and match drawers, doors, or open shelves as possibilities.

long and low dark wood dresser in styled interior space

Floyd is built on a foundation of strong principles, from not building furniture that’s meant to be disposed of to designing an easy to ship and assemble sofa. The Floyd Bed gets rid of the idea that bed frames can only fit one size of mattress by being adjustable, while other pieces are meant to grow with you. In a throwaway society it’s a pleasure to see a brand that uses high quality materials to create pieces that are meant to work for the masses.

detail of dark wood dresser with cabinet open

detail of dark wood dresser with drawer open

dark wood and white dresser styled in a hallway space

long and low light wood dresser in styled bedroom

detail of light wood dresser

long and low light wood dresser in styled bedroom

detail of light wood dresser drawers

detail of light wood dresser with drawer open

To learn more about The Dresser, visit floydhome.com.

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