Buster + Punch Makes Bathrooms the New Showstoppers of the Home

Sorry, kitchens. It’s time for a new room in the home to get the spotlight. In its newly launched bathroom category, London-based brand Buster + Punch is debuting its Cast Bathroom collection, a series of hardware that is quintessentially Buster + Punch – that is to say, industrious and raw yet refinished and polished. The collection has everything you would need to add statement-making accents to the bathroom, including shelves, mirrors, shower door pulls, bathroom hooks, towel rails, toilet roll holders (including ones with an integrated shelf), soap holders, and even soap itself.

cast collection of bathroom accessories

Each piece in the Cast series is made from either cast stainless steel or cast solid metal with durable EPL and spray lacquer finishes, ensuring their durability in a bathroom setting. Together, they help create a solid, coherent aesthetic that will elevate any bathroom style.

bathroom shelf

bathroom towel rack

bathroom cabinet pull

bathroom toilet roll holder with shelf

bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories

bathroom hook

bathroom mirror

bathroom cabinet pull

bathroom shower pull

bathroom shelf

To learn more about the Cast Bathroom collection, visit busterandpunch.com.

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