Oakywood: The Sustainable Brand Reinventing Workspaces Updates Its Look

Oakywood, the high-quality wooden accessories brand that’s been transforming workspaces since 2017, is transitioning into a new phase. The brand has a whole new look, from website to an appealing new sleek black product colorway. What began with only a sketch has come a long way.

Founder Mateusz Haberny turned that single sketch into Oakywood’s first product – the Wooden iPhone Docking Station – by handcrafting it in his father’s carpentry shop. Since then, the brand has grown to include a collection of more than 140 products, while staying true to their core values of innovation, quality, transparency, and support.

styled light wood and black office desk

styled light wood and black office desk

styled light wood and black office desk

Haberny began Oakywood wanting to hone in on reinventing and diversifying the workspace through the customization of the brand’s products, making sure it would appeal to different design tastes and workspace preferences. There’s something to match everyone’s workflow: from the digital nomad who needs a mobile, ergonomic setup that can be picked up and taken anywhere to the design conscious, socially aware Gen-Z professional. From the interior designer who spends a lot of time on concepts to the executive with an eye for quality design and materials, Oakywood can meet your workspace needs.

styled dark wood and black office desk and chair

styled dark wood and black office desk

Industrial designer Magdalena Gembala is the creative mind behind Oakywood’s rebrand. For the redesign, she combined the brand’s ideas with users’ needs to streamline a clean, fresh, new look. With a company mission to create unique wooden accessories and decor that are aesthetically modern and original, as well as functional, this is the obvious next step. It continues to move the brand in the right direction while reflecting Oakywood’s desire to be eco-friendly, modern, and tech-forward.

styled light wood and black office desk with office chair

styled light wood and black office desk with brown-skinned man standing behind it working

Along with the revamped website is the launch of the 3D Configurator. This innovative tool allows you to create customized workspace solutions tailored to specific needs, then experience a 3D realistic view of your desk and shelf in real time. It removes the guesswork from how everything will look pieced together in your space.

screen shot of a light wood and black office desk customizing tool

Haberny shared further, “We used the best new technologies available to create one of the most realistic 3D configurators on the market. Thanks to the proprietary Texture Transfer Technology with the highest authenticity, the 3D models look like a digital copy of reality – this, as you can imagine – is especially impressive with natural materials such as wood.”

Following the rebrand, keep an eye out for the launch of Oakywood’s MagSafe collection. Its designs are specifically aimed at Apple’s ecosystem and customers as a way to provide even more functional, high quality solutions. Fully ergonomic, MagSafe delivers both comfort and aesthetically designed solutions to all who use it.

styled dark wood and black office desk

styled dark wood and black office desk

“We want to enrich our everyday reality with natural materials like wood, cork, or wool. Whether it’s a felt desk mat or a solid wood standing desk, natural materials redefine work comfort by providing you with a unique sensory experience and wind-down cozy moments right at your workspace,” said Haberny.

Oakywood’s sustainable model acknowledges that they only exist by working with nature and contributing to reforesting efforts. With a passion for working with wood and a love and respect for nature, the brand has teamed up with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every product purchased. The wood used to create its products is responsibly sourced from FSC Certified suppliers in Europe and the United States.

light wood being carved into objects

light wood being carved into objects

When it comes down to it, Oakywood was born from a passion for great design and traditional handmade woodcrafting. These skills are passed down from generation to generation in Podhale, Poland, where the family workshop is located. The view of the mountains and landscape of tall, old trees on sharp slopes inspire every design and Oakywood’s values: ecology, sustainable development, and a love of nature.

See Oakywood’s reinvented look, experience the new 3D Configurator for yourself, and check out the full catalog of products at oakywood.shop.

styled light wood and black office desk

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