A-OKAY Takes Shop Lights From Industrious to Contemporary

Even if you don’t run your own car shop or work in industrious roles, you might find some familiarity with the Shop Light by Montréal-based experimental design studio A-OKAY. This portable lamp is reminiscent of the durable, no frills work lights found in those environments. Studio founder and designer Andrew Ferrier gives the industrial fixture a modern interpretation that’s more suitable for contemporary living spaces.

charcoal portable caged lamp

The aluminum rods that form the Shop Light’s cage ship flat packed for efficiency and functions as a carrying handle. The cage casts playful, linear shadows onto the surrounding environment and gives the light its graphic outline. The options of green, terra-cotta, charcoal, anodized aluminum, and anodized black differentiates the light from its original inspiration which typically doesn’t boast exciting colors. Whether you use it in the house or in the garage, the made-to-order Shop Light brings an element of modern design anywhere it goes.

charcoal portable caged lamp

green portable caged lamp

green portable caged lamp

front view of charcoal portable caged lamp

side view of charcoal portable caged lamp

bottom view of charcoal portable caged lamp

top view of charcoal portable caged lamp

For more information or to purchase the Shop Light, visit a-okay.ca.

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