HAY Introduces a Timely Refresh of the Wall Clock by Jasper Morrison

You would not be completely wrong considering an analog wall clock as a bit of an anachronism. Even luddites are prone to wake up to the alarm chime of a phone, regularly glance at the passing hours from a mobile device, and perhaps occasionally rely on the aid of a smartwatch to provide an update of the time. Even so, there’s something unobtrusive and ultimately comforting about a non-digital display wall clock – its simplicity focused upon singularly displaying the time is a “quiet technology” we will always have room (or wall space) for.

Angled views of three HAY analog wall clocks in white, light blue and green laying flat and face up on a blue surface.

And if so, why not with a timekeeping device that nods to yesterday’s notification-free lives with a design with its feet (and hands) securely placed in the present?

That’s exactly how we’d describe the Wall Clock by Jasper Morrison. Introduced in 2008, HAY retains the Wall Clock’s gently curved aluminum design paired with its minimalist clock face typography, resulting in what is considered an iconic timepiece. What’s new is HAY has given the Wall Clock four fresh colorways retaining the silent, non-ticking design and handsome functionality.

All four colors of HAY wall clock in green, light blue, white and black against all-white wall and blue flooring.

Morrison’s Wall Clock may operate silently, but the British designer is not hesitant to let it be known what he thinks about the incursion of technologies into every corner of the home. No surprise such an elegant and timeless design was imagined by someone who is attributed to saying that the smartest use of smart home technology is “by us using it less maybe.”

Close up detail of gray analog wall clock with white face and black hour and minute arms, with red seconds arms, against black background.

Available in Black, Dark Green, Light Blue, and White for $95, the updated palette is noticeably complementary to HAY’s greater catalog of home furnishings and accessories in hue and form. Our personal preference skews toward the two, more colorful options – both silently loud(er) – but we imagine the adaptability of the refreshed original monochromatic options will prove appealing to many.

Light blue HAY wall clock hung on wall near corner with orange-red flooring.

Each Wall Clock weighs less than a pound, measuring 12.63″ H 12.63″ W 2.2″ D, operating with one single AA battery.

Close up angled detail of light blue HAY analog wall clock with light blue face and white hour and minute arms, with yellow seconds arms.

White analog wall clock with black face and white hour and minute arms, with red seconds arms, against white background.

Those with a long memory may recognize the black face colorway as strong evocative of Morrison’s 2007 Wall Clock Watch for Muji, the same company the original Wall Clock was designed for.

All four colors of HAY wall clock in green, light blue, white and black against all-white background.

To get your minutes and hours hands on your own Wall Clock, visit HAY.

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