A Palm Beach Home Designed With Light Tones + Noteworthy Furniture

Palm Beach Residence is a minimal home located in Palm Beach, Florida, designed by Vanessa Rome Interiors. The apartment came with a pool cabana and presented some unique challenges due to construction regulations, which resulted in a multi-year project.

Dining area within the Palm Beach Residence

Some furniture pieces had to be lifted by crane over the beach-side balcony to enter the residence, but the team was informed at the last minute that everything needed to be hoisted with ropes instead. Despite these obstacles, the team managed to complete the project.

The condo features several noteworthy pieces, including Studio Twenty Seven Liv Armchairs, a Casa Dio Beverly Bed, and Lago Dresser. The team used lower-profile furniture to highlight the beach views. Lighter tones were used for both the upholstery and rugs, reflecting natural light throughout the residence.

LIV Armchair by Italian designer Giorgio Bonaguro

Console table within Palm Beach Residence

Entryway for the Palm Beach Residence

LIV Armchair by Italian designer Giorgio Bonaguro

Main living area within Palm Beach Residence

Bedroom and nightstand in Palm Beach Residence

Bedroom with hanging pendant

Floating sink within the Palm Beach Residence

Single sink within the Palm Beach Residence

Photos by Marco Ricca.

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